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Utilizing the latest technology, students are provided safe, aircraft-oriented fire experiences to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills. The highly qualified instructors lead classes through practical situations similar to their own realistic operations in an effort to minimize risk-taking and to help reduce costly mistakes.

The 8-hour course offered by the facility meets FAA Part 139 requirements for live fire training, and fulfills the mandate for recurrent training by qualified fire personnel. The 40-hour Initial ARFF course provides emergency personnel with a basic understanding of how to safely handle aircraft incidents and emergencies. Students receive classroom instruction plus extensive hands-on experience. Topics include airport familiarization, fire behavior, safety, aircraft identification, operations, fire alarms and communications, mass casualty, and basic tactics.

The 153-foot fuel spill training pit offers computer-controlled, propane-fueled fire scenarios. Another fire trainer is specialized for use in simulating fires in the cabin, engines #1 and #2, the wheel/brake area, seats, lavatory, cockpit, galley and APU, as well as 3-D fuel fires. All fires are computer controlled and respond realistically to the firefighters' actions when an extinguishing agent is applied.

Other curricula currently offered by the FETF include a 40-hour Confined Space program and a 24 hour Trench Rescue course. As with ARFF training, both courses combine classroom instruction with direct hands-on experience.

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The Florida Emergency Training Facility (FETF), located at the Ocala Regional Airport in north central Florida, is a state-of-the-art facility that provides realistic training for aircraft rescue fire fighting and emergency technical rescue.

Central Florida Community College is working in conjunction with the Florida Emergency Training Facility to present classes in the areas of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, Confined Space training and Trench Rescue.

Fire departments and rescue services, as well as many individuals from around the nation and abroad are among those who have expressed a strong interest in upgrading their abilities in these areas.

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